Thursday, August 31, 2006

This n That

It's been so nice here lately it isn't so HOT.

H had a drs appointment yesterday. She is 14 lbs now. She saw a new doctor who just PCS'ed here...he was awesome. H was staring at him the entire time, she got her shots too. Last night she ran a little temp and has slept alot today.

S took her baby doll Hallie to the drs appt. After the dr was done with H and talking to me she wanted him to check her baby it was cute. So we head over across the hall for shots. I am telling S whats going on we are waiting for them to call our name so they call us and S is telling me she needs a shot too (before we left the house she was freaking out about her getting a shot) so I told her it wasn't her turn for a shot. H comes out in cute lil seasame street bandaids...S is admiring them. S says Momma, I really need a shot. What is up with bandaids? She gets a booster soon so lets see if she will want a shot then, joy joy! Another shot story

I am so close to getting a FREE gift certificate thru MyPoints!! I have about 1000 more points to rack up before I plan to cash out on a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate to get some books. They are offering a referral points right now so if u are interested shoot me an email or leave your info and I'll send ya a referral.

We have paper orders in hand..the countdown begins. I am excited to discover a new place to call home. We have been browsing homes on the net. J will be able to go hunting this season. I saw that they have a hockey team..I love hockey!! Oh, I get to experience the 4 seasons much does it snow there? We will be getting all the moving stuff scheduled and plan our drive across the states. If u have any places to recommend to stop at along the way I'd love to hear it. SeaWorld in TX is the only thing on our list so far.


Jenean said...

Wasn't sure how to get a hold of you, but wanted to let you know that the swap over at the Sxy-Stylz message board will be starting soon! :)

manda said...

where are you going? i thought ga???

Just Another Army Wife said...

I PM'ed ya back!

keri said...

Good luck with the big move, it's a great area and there are a ton of yarn stores! =)

LeAnn said...

Miss you!!! I'm in WV at the moment :) Who knows where the heck I will be in a month!! :) Hubby is still on deployment, Nathaniel is so big!!! Checkout my journal you have linked on yours to see the latest pics!! Loveya!! LeAnn (starzz)