Friday, May 05, 2006

Finally Friday

This week has gone by so SLOW!! I am all caught up on cleaning and laundry. I would go shopping if I had the car. We can't wait to have both of our vehicles again!!

H had a drs appt last week she is a lil bag of sugar, 10lbs. She got a check up and shots. Dh & S went to get meds for her while I did the shots with her. They came back and H was done. S saw that she had bandaids. Dh proceeded to tell S that she got shots. S said "Momma, I want a shot". I had just walked back from making sure S was on schedule with having all her shots NOT, she was missing two!! I didn't understand WHY she was missing those since she has NEVER missed a drs appt. Either they changed the shots around AGAIN, or some how missed it. So S had to get 2, Dh took her I already had to hear H cry it was his turn...shots break my heart!! I heard two lil shouts then she came out with lil tears her eyes. She was concerned about the bandaids all afternoon. So both are all up-to-date!!

I hope this weekend is a LONG & PRODUCTIVE!!

I need something to satify my sweet tooth off to bake.