Thursday, September 07, 2006

Still alive

It's been rainy here. Actually, it was for the majority of Labor Day weekend. Here is a pic I took of S during the weekend. I love her eyes!

It's interesting to see the difference in both girls. I always wondered when I was preggo if both girls would look similar. I think they look opposite of each other. Altho they have the same nose shape. S looks like her daddy when he was little. H looks just like I did when I was a baby.

I finished up the knitted pants for H. Captured a toothless smile in the process too!

J took his first flight today. This is his last class before we leave. My SIL moves to Dallas, TX this weekend. Thats about all the news on this side of the world.


Jennifer said...

awww, both girls are adorable!!! the pants look cute too.

Erica said...

Your girls are very cute! Love the purple pants. :)

**Crystal** said...

Those pants are great! You're so good at teaching yourself how to do stuff (am jealous).

**Crystal** said...

By the way, I can appreciate your comment on your kids looking different; we're ALL very curious to see if my next baby looks anything like the first (since she's the total opposite of me). Just the other day someone asked E, "where's your mamma?" Of course, I was standing right there. Your kids have THE prettiest eyes.

doreen said...

they are so cute! Great job on the longies for h!