Saturday, July 15, 2006

She's 3 yrs old!!

Wahhhhh my baby is THREE!!! I did a lot of thinking back and u know she has spent each birthday in a different place.

She was born in Hawaii 4am. We spent 6 mths in Hawaii then returned to my hometown while J was deployed. Her first birthday was expected to be a little sad for daddy not being there but I knew she would have an opportunity to spend it with all of our family.

While J was deployed I wanted to know everything that was going on in the area he was in so I subscribed to news alerts...every so often I would get one with amazing stories that were thru the Freedom Calls Foundation. I was curious so I emailed they contacted me and it was a miracle J was at S's first birthday party. We will NEVER forget this day. J was there for the ENTIRE party. If u have a loved one in the military definately contact them and see if u can get hooked up. We had media outlets but u can't opt out of that and u can do it on a regular basis.

U can check out these links to see what we were doing 2 yrs ago. July 14, 2004, Valdosta Daily Times, MSNBC Video-what its like, DOD Spread the word this as an amazing organization that lots of families are missing out on just by not knowing about them! If u contact them tell John I sent ya!

So her second birthday was spent in Hawaii as a family..July 14, 2005

Here we are 3 years later in AZ celebrating. It was a great day! Lots of laughter, presents & cake. The phone was ringing off the hook as usual. H was wondering what was going on. She got some games for her L-Max "Cars" & "Mr. Pencil, Learn n Draw"..Playdoh with tools, u can never have enough Playdoh right? A Bug Habitat complete with tweezers & a magnify glass(both plastic of course) with light up fire flys and it makes noise. The poor bugs are squeezed to death before she can get them in the the lil house. She likes them when they are dead they can't get her! Birthday cards with money but she doesn't get to spend that we are the mean mom & dad and it all goes into her savings. She will thank us later in life. An a Hello Kitty book with M&M's attached she ate those already!

Next year is gonna be amazing since we will be closer to home and friends and family will be there. I can't wait well maybe I can..STRESS!

Here are some photos!