Thursday, July 15, 2004

These past couple of days have been crazy but THE GREATEST DAYS of my LIFE.....

I contacted they are a foundation that does video teleconferencing via satellite webcam. I saw a news report about then doing live video of births. Well I contacted them for DD's birthday and thought it would be great to suprise DH so he could be a part of her Birthday celebration.

Well, we did and everything went great. We have media here...local newspapers, local tv and national tv(inside edition) here. We got to talk LIVE with DH, it was like talking to him across the dinner table. Way better than the instant messengers and the webcams...we talked on headset so no typing was involved. He was able to talk to all of his family that was here and also talk to DD...he got to be there for her to sing happy birthday...we sung as a group....then he sang by himself. She blew out her candle and opened presents he was also there for that. He talked to every family member that was here one on one.

This was the greatest thing....DH was suprised..his sgt told him that he was supposed to go to this facility and sign papers...well he walked in to a 40 in tv screen and we were all on it looking at him

These pictures were taken at the facility that he was located at....I couldn't believe that we were able to do this and its a memory that we will remember for the rest of our lives. DH was so excited and SPEECHLESS. It was the greatest thing ever...DD is definately gonna appreciate this when she is old enough to understand.

Another thing that is wonderful about this is that we will be able to talk like this weekly thru

We have already seen the local tv station news report on it (came on at 6 GA time)Here is the link to watch the video.....

They did a really great job doing this report and I can't wait to talk to DH now off camera to see what he has to say about what we did.

anyway....those of u who would like to contact Freedom Calls please do so...I was told to pass the word on and they are trying to make this happen for every soldier that is away from home.

If anyone has any questions about it please feel free to ask....I would love for all of yall to have this same opportunity as we did....

they also do weddings, live births, birthdays, graduation etc....the list goes on and on!!!