Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Life

I have been BUSY!! After our trip to GA & SC , we were home for a couple of days then got bad news that my aunt who lives in NY passed away from cancer. My parents drove up and pick us up and headed to NY. We stayed for a couple of days then started our journey back home. We stopped at my grandparents house in New Bern, NC. We were gone for a week.

So we have been home now for a couple of weeks and since then I have kept us busy. Play-dates, children's museum, kids summer movies this week is vacation bible school at our church. I volunteered to be a crew leader for preschoolers. I have eight kids total but I only had 5 today and yesterday. We have had lots of fun this week its like being a lil kid again dancing around and being silly singing songs with the kids. Our theme is Avalanche Ranch, S asks me to sing the songs to her so she can do the hand motions, its cute.

S starts Pre-K in a couple of weeks I am so excited. We have been hanging out with two other parents/kids that are going to be in her class so it will help them make the adjustment together.

J is doing good too. I hope he is able to find the time to send pics soon for the kids.

Anyway thats life here. I hope I get the urge to sew again once S goes to school and H naps I'll be able too.