Friday, July 06, 2007

Where have I been

I went on a mini trip for about two weeks. It was a nice get away and I was happy to get back home but now deployment has finally set in. I have had people and things to keep me occupied. So now I am trying to fill up an schedule to make time fly. I thought the second go around would be easier but it never gets easier, lesson learned.

So where did I go?

Well, my mom came into town and we planned a trip down to Georgia to see all the family. Along the way we stopped in Columbia, SC to visit the children's museum, Edventure. This place is HUGE and AWESOME!! I highly recommend u take your kids they will love it. It's filled with all kinds of educational stuff and hands on learning, which is a great way to learn. We had lots of fun and we are definitely going back again and again. I got the phone call from J that he was safely in Iraq while we were at the museum.

From Columbia we drove do my parents house an hour away from Columbia and we stayed the night visited with my dad. S wanted to go bowling my dad manages a bowling center so she aways wants to go bowling when we go visit. She had the whole place to herself she loved it.

We got up the next morning and headed for south Georgia our hometown. We got in late in the evening. J had gotten a mailing address and he already had a lil list of things he needed us to send so that was my first objective for the beginning of our visit. We slept lots of time with all the family and friends. I shopped ALOT probably too much. I got a new hair cut from my hairdresser which I LOVE. We celebrated S's 4th birthday early with family she really enjoyed herself.

We left south Georgia and headed back to my moms house then I made my way home the next morning.

That's when the reality of deployment set in. My yard needed mowing so that was the first thing on my list the second was getting all the mail sorted thru, most of it was junk of course. Speaking of mowing the yard this was the second time I have mowed our yard since he's been gone, J usually does it. I love mowing tho I did it a lot when I was younger at my parents house. I love that feeling of clean and freshness that u get once u get all the dirt off in the shower.


Army Wife said...

So glad you got out and about!!

Scully's Moulder said...

Keeping busy is certainly important. My wife is on her second deployment too. No, it's not easy, but getting out is helpful. Good luck and best wishes.