Monday, December 04, 2006


The house doesn't look like a complete tornado anymore. J got a couple hrs off Fri evening so we unpacked ALOT!! I can actually get my car in the garage now, yippee. We have never has a garage with a door, just carports that u park under. I hope when J gets back we will get the rest finished up he will have room to fit in truck in too.

I have fallen in LOVE with my washer and dryer. I have never loved washing laundry so much, altho I might take back those words once they become old news haha. It was pretty cold last night and yucky today so I had to turn the heat on finally. I feel sorry for J being out in this weather. I hope he doesn't get sick and bring it home to us.

So besides unpacking and doing the mom stuff thats all I have been up too. I am planning on meeting up with some Bragg ladies later this week hopefully my schedule won't get messed up.


Jennifer said...

yay congratulations on getting most of ur house unpacked. i know it feels so nice!

Anonymous said...

Congrautlations. I remember doing some very similar things and having simialar feelings 2 years ago right before Chrismas when we closed. Getting the garage useable as a garage for cars was important in the cold weather and to keep the kiddos from killing themselves from toppling boxes and getting those NEW appliances was oh so fun!
so now that your SM is unpacked where is our latest greatest creation? Please post pics of your sewing/crafting area when you get it completed!