Thursday, December 07, 2006

It feels

like FRIDAY and it's been driving me crazy. I feel like tomorrow should be Saturday. We had our first dinner as a family in the house tonight. J was able to get home in time to eat with us. The kiddos had bath time and H was soo tired so she crashed pretty early. I started working on the Christmas decor for outside. It was very windy and cold outside so my lil toes were frozen.

We are gonna work on getting the house situated a little bit more this weekend. J has a couple of little projects to do. Our bedroom needs some rearranging since the furniture is too heavy to do by myself. I hope to have that room complete by this weekend. J has boxes in the computer room so hopefully he will get that done too so it won't look like a tornado in here.

I haven't found a home for my sewing machine, she is still boxed up.


Jennifer said...

glad ur getting everything settled here. we need to get together agian. we've been busy, and hubby's been sick :(

oh, and you must find a home for ur sewing machine!!!

Karina said...

OH no, your sewing machine misses you!!!!