Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well, we had a great Thankgiving. We drove down to my parents house to spend a couple of days down in SC. My brother and his family drove up it was great being able to spend time with them. I think the kids (S & her cousin) said Nana a billion times & of course my mom loved every minute.

Monday we closed on the house and our movers came on Tuesday to deliver our household goods. The garage is loaded with boxes to unpack. We had a couple of things missing. J's dresser, which is a highboy has a broken leg on it. I have NO CLUE why they would ship it with the legs still attached. So its laying on its side until that gets fixed. Thankfully its all minor stuff. I have already dug out my sewing machine!! J is "away" so I haven't gotten far with unpacking, the kids...well H wants to be attached to my hip so that doesn't give much time for unpacking. It will get done eventually. The house is a mess which drive me nuts!

I am really happy to be in this house. It is weird tho. I don't hear other neighbors coming and going like we did in apartments. The kids can run since we don't have neighbors below us. I am glad that we bought and didn't choose to live on post. We have lots of room to grow into this house.

I brewed my first pitcher of sweet tea. Walmart had my FAVORITE chocolate covered cherries, Cella's. One of my favorite tv shows came on tonight (Greys Anatomy) and I got to DVR it to watch it when it the kids were asleep. What more could a girl ask for, ice cream haha just kidding!!

My washer and dryer are being delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to start a load of laudry, is that sad?? Usually I don't look forward to laundry but its like getting a new toy or car. I can't wait to try it out.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. It is nice when family can all get together. Also Congratulations on your house. I also know how you feel about wanting your washer and dryer. I too couldn't wait to do some wash. We are still unpacking boxes too. Hopefully it will end soon. :-)

keri said...

Yea, congratulations!!!

Jennifer said...

congratulations, you'll get everything upacked soon and all they way u like it :)