Saturday, December 09, 2006


I love when things change and I can play with new features, Thanks Blogger!!

Our Saturday was busy!! We went to Home Depot and Lowes to check out some stuff we want to buy and priced them out. While we were at Lowes we ran into a guy that removed trees so we had him come out and remove a dead pinetree for us. They had it down in no time. S watched from the window. I am glad its down since it opens the backyard up a little. We really need to do some raking and get the pinecones up.

Anyone know how to make the cinammon scented pinecones??

I am mad with the newspaper people here. I didn't get my paper today so I called to let them know. She said they would come out and deliver...well guess what todays paper never showed up!! GRRR!! I hope I have one tomorrow morning!!

J put out some more Christmas decor tonight. I think its gonna look cute once we are done.



Jennifer said...

sorry u haven't gotten ur newspaper yet, darn newspaper do u wanna try to get together wednesday at the park or something??