Thursday, August 17, 2006


So why is it when u are expecting a package the day creeps by?? I think we are the last ones on the route today!!

To be continued....

It's here! A knitting needles kit-that I snatched up while Joann's had 50% off online coupon last week. Now I need to get busy to make my purchase worthwhile. Anyone have suggestions on a beginner knitting book with simple patterns?

On another note! Hubby finished up simulators today, YAY!! We are getting closer moving away from the desert! An having TWO vehicles again oy I can't wait!


Bente B said...

Hi :)
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I would say that the Mason-Dixon-book is perfect for a beginner in knitting. The patterns are really simple, and genious in their simplicity.....! I would highly recommend it!!

I only got to read a little in your blog before posting this, now I'm going to spend some more time here :O)

Best wishes, Bente B from Norway

Jennifer said...

cute needle case. not sure on a good knitting book, i like the stitch n bitch but not sure if it's the best. good luck getting out of the

keri said...

what a nice needles set! I would say stitch and bitch is the first book I really learned how to knit with. Mason dixon is great, also

doreen said...

I've been eyeballing that set. You're a lucky gal to get one early on in your knitting, it will help when you are starting projects to have various sizes to choose from.
I like the knit stitch series for beginners. It's a clothing book, it takes you through just knitting in the first book, the 2nd book is on purling, and the third is on color so things like intarsia and fair isle. The patterns are simple construction, kind of ageless looking in my opinion depending on the yarn you choose. You can easily knit a wardrobe with these books.

doreen said...

i'm feeling this post really well now. I'm awaiting my 2nd Denise set and a vintage sm from eBay wins and they are not coming fast enough!
Stupid flat rate shipping!