Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have had no crafting motivation but the house is CLEAN!! We are having beef stew tonight..it smells yummy. It's Big Brother night...I hope James goes home. My hubby does not like reality so I get to hear him analyze the show. I can't wait for the fall tv line up to start!

Tomorrow a friend from Hawaii arrives. Our hubbies worked together, I am excited to see them & the kiddos again. I know she is ready to be off that rock. Her hubby also reclassed (army lingo, changing jobs) so he will be here for the same schooling.

Off to finish dinner, watch tv...bathtime then bedtime!


Jennifer said...

lol..."of that rock"

Karina said...

woohoo, i like janelle and she kicked butt last nite...... and yes I get off the rock for a month in sept... yippee!!!

Just Another Army Wife said...

I love Janelle too!! YAY, glad u get a breather from the ROCK...it's nice when u can get a way for a lil bit.