Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Little bit of this-n-that

Oy! This handbag again! I picked up some stiff interfacing but I couldn't find black with pink polka dot lining to go on the inside. So I just added the heavier interfacing & changed out the lining to the same black material that is on the bottom & added a pocket. The lining before looked & felt to thin to me. I wanted to add a decorative stitching around top it was a nightmare!! I broke my seam ripper and had to go pick up another one to finish tearing out the stitches. I tried again by trimming the extra material at the seams so I can get it thru the machine and it just didn't work. I liked the concept but wasn't worth the headache.
So this is what it looked like..it stands up on its own now.

Two squares, getting some practice with knitting.

A blanket...I had some left over yarn that I wanted to use up. I didn't know how large it would turn out but it's big enough for S's baby dolls. I love these colors.

For the Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting-a-long I want to mock this blanket so S will have one too. Just using more pink tones.

H was given this as a present when she was born from one of the nurses at the hospital, she is also a family friend. This blanket is beautiful in person. I Love it, love it, love it. I am going to use for the decor scheme in H's room once we move.


Karina said...

love the stitching......what machine do you have?

Just Another Army Wife said...

Thanks, I wish it would have worked. I have a Kenmore 19110

**Crystal** said...

Love the stitching. Really complements the bag. Is making me itch for the sewing machine I'm anticipating for my Bday/Christmas gift (a janome memorycraft!!!). The knitting looks awesome and the crochet blanket looks similar to the blanket I'm working on (and undoing and working on and undoing...). Thank you, btw, for the hugs. Need them.

Jennifer said...

the bag looks nice, and ur knitting is looking really good too!
Goodluck with making the blanket.

keri said...

The handbag looks great and I had no idea you were such an expert crocheter!

Linda said...

I love the bag. The decorative stitch adds something to it.