Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pink Handbag

I am finally done with it my first completed handbag. I think this would make a cute diaper bag.

The bottom of the bag was a pain. I just used a solid black material for the lining. It's not as stable on the bottom as I wanted it. I guess I should have used a stronger fusible or a heavier material. The pink isn't coming out well in the photo, but its a pastel pink.

I was going to put the ribbon closer to the top with a lil bow but I thought it looked ok like this. I also thought maybe the ribbon was too wide for a bow. It feels like its a little plain in the pink section for some reason.

Your thoughts?


Jennifer said...

it's a very cute bag. i think it looks good. i can see what u mean about the pink area, but i still think it looks really nice. good job!

manda said...

Its adorable!!!!

Karina said...

I think its adorable. Very nice job!

~Crystal said...

It turned out great! I like the pink but if you are ever wanting to embellish, why don't you use some scraps of coordinating ribbon and fabric and create a flower to pin on or something?

For inspiration, check this out:

A really simple way of doing a flower is to cut 3 diff. sized circles (use the bottoms and tops of cups for size) from diff. fabrics(leave the edges raw, or do a gathering stitch), pile them on top of each other, then put a button or other notion on top and voila! instant coordinating embellishment for your purse!

Just Another Army Wife said...

Thanks! I think I am gonna change out the lining to a pink and black polka dot (if I can find some at Walmart)and try and make it more stable. An add a decorative stitch around the top of the bag.