Thursday, July 20, 2006

Walmart strikes again!

Gonna make a handbag similar to this pretty one on "My Longest Year". I found the pink (looks white) material and the ribbon on my last visit. I was looking for a textured material for the bottom portion of the bag but I couldn't find anything. Tonight, I found the black in the remants bin its not textured tho. Hopefully it will turn out nice so I can make some handbags for Christmas presents, wish me luck.

And...knitting needles (or hooks, is that what they are called) to see if I can follow a tutorial to teach myself how to knit! YIKES!

Off Topic: Do they make a swim diapers that fits 12lb babies?? All I can find is 16 lbs and up.


LorelieLong said...

If you mean the Little Swimmers ones, then nope 16lbs is the smallest. But those things don't work anyways. I was using them for my older child, had him in our kitchen and he peed all over the floor. He was almost perfectly the right weight for his size, too.

keri said...

Good luck learning how to knit with your new knitting needles!

You can do it!

crystal said...

That's going to make a pretty purse! Let me know if you have any questions about how to add that bottom to the purse (I actually topstitched it OVER the striped fabric before sewing the sides).