Monday, July 24, 2006

Knitting, It's a Bib!

Annabelle is modeling it for H since she's napping!

Completed (Click on photo to enlarge)

After...Practice practice practice!


Don't Laugh!!

Does it look like I know what I am doing? I have some holes and loose stitches. I need more practice!!

Any tips, suggestions, advice are welcome!!


Jennifer said...

aww, that looks really good. my first one had lots of holes in it too. from what i can see it looks right.

keri said...

it looks great! The one hint I could give you is to start with a good wool blend/acrylic. It's easier on the hands than cotton, and allow you to have more even stitches.

When you first start out it's often helpful to count your stitches every row so you don't drop one or add one accidentally.

Happy knitting, you're doing great!

Just Another Army Wife said...

Thanks for the comments and your suggestions. It seems to be easier once u get the first couple of rows going.

I started over and tried to go slower and not be so tight with the beginning stitches. It looks more even now but I did count my stitches after I read your comments Keri and I do have more stitches in some rows. Thanks for that tip!

manda said...

Well you know that I have NO TIPS seeing how i can't do the ones that way I have to do the easy patters that you can't mess up!!! lol Its been good talking to ya on the phone lately girl!

keri said...

it looks PHENOMENAL, I can't believe how fast you are picking it up! wow, casting on, binding off, and making a little button hole! Before you know it you'll be knitting socks =)

manda said...

I love it its adorable! great job as always!

Just Another Army Wife said...

Thanks! I need to find some easy patterns. I have seen some BEAUTIFUL yarn.

Jennifer said...

wow, the bib looks great. really great job especially for your first project!

doreen said...

This looks awesome for your first project! I have found some great patterns at, it's a great database for published/posted patterns online and more importantly FREE :D!
I agree with keri that the cotton blends are easier to start with both for your gauge and for your hands. If you want a cotton blend that is readily availble at most stores that carry yarn and pretty easy to knit with here are two suggestions that I liked for some first projects: cotton-ease by lion brand, and TLC cotton plus. Both are blends of cotton and acrylic. You get properties of both. The cost is relatively low for beginning projects and the yardage is good if you are undertaking a larger project.
If you would like something a little higher quality brown sheep co. makes cotton fleece. It's a wool cotton blend that is sooooo soft and easier to work with than pure cotton. The yardage is good, the cost is about double the first two that I mentioned but the finished project will be "nicer". the color selection is also very broad for cotton fleece.

Just Another Army Wife said...

Thanks for the info!! Now what shall I make next. Oh the possibilities!