Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rambling & pick some fabric!

J went back to school today. His hours have changed so it looks like he will be home earlier in the day now.

I was up at 6:30am on a mission to start getting back on our normal routine. H was up with me so she played in her saucer while she watched mom clean! By 8:30, I just had 2 loads of laundry left. H went down for her morning nap. She got up at 9am then guess what J walks in the door so much for school. I guess they are starting tomorrow now.

I finally got around to hooking the printer up to print out some patterns that I hope to make soon. My Co-op groups are becoming addicting!! Check out these fabrics, its so hard to pick from I don't have a certain project for them just adding to my stash!!! I think I really like the bicycle one maybe for a skirt for S. HELP!

Last night I pulled out my crocheted blanket that has been a work in progress. It's been a long time since I have worked on it. It's only 1/4 th of the way done! I guess crocheting isn't my favorite thing to do. Maybe I can remember to take it on the long car rides.


Jennifer said...

wow, they are all so pretty. i'm not sure i could choose one!

keri said...

ooh I love all the fabric, can't wait to see what you make with them!

Karina said...

The bikes are my favorite then the last two. Yea I couldnt pick just one. :) what coop are you with buying fabric?

Just Another Army Wife said...

They are on Yahoo! Groups. I gotta pretty long list. I joined for the notions mostly but I have found those online cheaper than the co-op sells at.


They have some cute flannels right now! She has some leftovers for sale and I am waiting on some chalk cloth.


I haven't bought from them yet but they have Dollar days so I have been keeping my eyes open.


Haven't bought from them yet either.


I just joined this one and that is where the bikes are at.


This is where the other fabrics are & I have PUL (waterproof material) that I ordered from there.

U just gotta check n see if u are getting a deal because some charge a cutting fee too sometimes u can find it online at a better deal. Also it takes a while to get them cuz u gotta wait for the order to fill.

WOW this is a book!

crystal said...

The bikes are an awesome find! This fall that would look great paired with a solid raspberry color (or even maybe a polka dot) and maybe a chocolate colored fabric.