Monday, July 17, 2006

Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream

I rarely drink carbonated drinks. I make it a treat for myself when we go out to eat.

I love Dr. Pepper! I have been waiting to see if I could find a single serving of the latest creation, Berries & Cream. I haven't stumbled upon it and it was on sale yesterday at the commissary. I decided I'd pick it up hoping that I would like it so they wouldn't go to waste.

My take on it, tastes like regular Dr. Pepper to me just creamier. I thought it was gonna be nasty since I am not a fan of raspberries.


Jennifer said...

i love dr pepper too! i didn't care too much for the berries & cream one. guess i'm just a plain type of gal.

keri said...

ooh that sounds sounds like a rich desert in a soda. I'll have to search it out at the store

Karina said...

I love this stuff, I love dr pepper and this one too! I usually get one for myself when I go grocery shopping..