Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Busy Day

Gosh it was a busy day.

I had a lovely doctors appointment. I guess the scale liked me I couldn't believe my eyes a whopping 117lbs, no way had to be wrong. Thats under my pre-pregnancy weight. I think its was off a couple pounds. So they ask me a million and one questions like always, at least they are asking them huh. H's visit with them last week wasn't what I expected for a well-baby visit...it went a little like this, ok she looks good any problems or questions? Go across the hall get her shots and see ya in a few mths. At least it seemed that way.

So this appointment was for my 6 weeks post pardom check up. Yeah, I am about 10 weeks late getting there....bad bad bad. This doc was very nice, no women that I know likes these visits. My #1 concern was this knot in my abdomen that I wanted to get looked. She isn't 100% sure what it is or could be. So I am getting a sonogram done in a couple weeks to check out my stomach for just in case purposes, hopefully it's nothing!

Hubby cooked dinner tonight! Both girls got baths afterwards so I ran to Walmart. Oh, how I love Walmart. I only spent $16..got some grosgrain ribbon, fabric and a couple of patterns some frey check which I almost forgot. I wish we had a Toys R Us here for S's birthday presents! We need to take a lil trip back to Tucson.



manda said...

Lucky you mrs. skinny minnie!

Just Another Army Wife said...

ok now now what about u and your 17lbs!!