Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pink Bow Dress

I worked on this dress today! I used fusible for the first time on the appliques & lining. It called for sequins to outline the appliques. I used an applique stitch to sew down the bows. I should have choosen a differnt applique to do for my first experience. The bows are overlapped a little much. See the buttons?? My first button experience and I figured out how to drop the feed dog. I had to bring out the instruction booklet. It still needs a hem at the bottom.

The kids are snoozing!! We have a busy day tomorrow & its hubby's last week out of school. S has a birthday this week too. I love birthdays, she asked for a pink cake!



Jennifer said...

awww, that is really cute!

Karina said...

very cute, I never thought of appique on a dress I will have to try that someday.

Crystal said...

WAY cute! I have thought about doing something similar with some capri pants and an applique from an old quilt - I think I'll go ahead and try it now! Your appliques turned out great.