Sunday, May 07, 2006


Well, I slept in today until noon...which made the day go by alot quicker. We headed to Target to shop, picked up milk too. I can't go to bed without a nice big fat glass of chocolate milk. I have had this lil chocolate milk kick going since the beginning of my pregnancy with H.

We went out dinner tonight it way YUMMY!! Johnny Carino's is where we went they had CANNOLI's. Of course I couldn't eat dessert after my meal so I brought it home. I couldn't leave there either without a cannoli. I ate one as soon as we got home before dh decided to hide them on me. I took pics for my momma to be jealous, oh she is gonna love me!! The bread dipped in roasted garlic & seasoned olive oil was so delicious.

Tomorrow, I wanna hit the pool & go to the dog show.

It's late, need to hit the hay.