Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have been busy scavenger hunting, I hope my luck will pay off with some free goodies! I got lil dd's CD in the mail it looks so cute on I wanna try 2 others to check the fitting on them but I am waiting and hoping my luck will strike big!

Big dd & I went grocery shopping today, it was crazy. I guess Tuesday's are bad here since they are closed on Monday & payday.

M sent my goodies that she picked up for me, thanks hun!! Moola's in the mail.

I am waiting on a NEW cardigan to get here that I got off the net. I can't wait to wear it since I some how misplaced the one I had. The catalog I got was full of cute clothes I added everything up that I wanted haha $600 later. I want a whole new wardrobe. K, I need u to go with me so u can be my personal fashion consultant.

I can't believe its MAY! The year has gone by so fast..seems like we were just in Hawaii but we have been gone 3 mths already. My folks are moved into the new house..I can't wait to see it all filled up.

DH seems to be enjoying school..the girls are good. Big dd LOVES to talk, she talked non-stop in the commissary. She put herself to sleep last night talking. Everything these days that consists of food 'is a lil spicy' even tho its bread, pasta etc. Momma, nats a lil to spicy for me. I love that lil girl soo much. She got an EARLY birthday present this weekend, what a great buy it's been.

It's past my bedtime. My eyeballs need the rest.