Saturday, April 15, 2006

Well, well

It's been freaking windy here today...I thought it got windy in Hawaii. Maybe its just how the buildings are layed out but goodness I thought we were gonna get blown away for a while tonight.

They fixed my dishwasher on Monday. DH was put into a class this week, woot he is outta my hair now. It sure has been quiet, he is on days I think it will work out better for him anyway. DD hasn't tried to get all outta wack on her schedule.

DH dissected my hair dryer. I knew it was dead but he wanted to see where it went dead at. I LOVE my new doesn't take but a little bit to dry it and it styles so much better.

Tomorrow we are headed to an egg hunt, to the rodeo & I need to pick up last minute goodies for Easter. We didn't get to coloring eggs today so thats on the agenda for tomorrow. Sunday, I am cooking and if the movies are open I think we will take dd to see "The Wild" she will enjoy it.

I am tired write more later.