Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am behind again.

We had a great Easter...I took dd easter egg hunting, she colored eggs the night before, we had a great day. She got a little candy, money & one toy which was a Mr. Potato Head bunny so she played with that all day along with her other potato head toys. As she was coloring eggs we told her that they were taking a bath for her to understand that she needed to keep them in longer she practically did them all by herself of course with our supervision right beside her. Easter morning we didn't get up in time to hide the eggs before she got up so dd entertained her as I hide the eggs, mid-day...we told her that they jumped out of the fridge. She hunted them all down and put them later I distracted and dh hide them. She really enjoyed herself.

Dh changed my bedroom around it looks so much better, thanks babe. I finally ordered by bedding set that I have had my eye on for a while now. It looks wonderful on our bed, I LOVE IT as Shel would say. I made a cannoli cake and delivered a lil easter gift and a plate full of cake to our neighbors downstairs. They were very happy and told dh they loved it that following morning on his way upstairs.

DD is competely potty trained and has been for well over a month now. Her last pull up was on the flight here to AZ. My goal was to only have one kiddo in diapers, mission accomplished. I am so proud of her. She has been a lil mother hen to her lil sister, its really cute.

DH has been doing good in school today was a big day for his MOS...he attended a ceremony and ran into a friend who was worked with him in Hawaii the first yr he was there. They got to catch up which was nice.

I got a new cell phone in the mail today & got lil girls drs appt set up. My parents closed on there house and are moving in...they are excited. Dad is ready to be all moved in.

Gotta run bbl