Saturday, April 08, 2006

The dishwasher went on the fritz Thursday night. I called Friday for them to come look at it. I expect to see them on Monday to fix or replace it. I hope they replace it. I love new appliances haha. So since there was no dishwasher it was a good excuse to go out to dinner, lazy huh. Not exactly it was Friday night and it was a reason to go enjoy someone else cooking our dinner. We headed out for Mexican. It was really really good. I had a Fajita Salad, beef strips, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese and I added salsa. YUM, I could eat another one right now. DD always has spanish rice when we go out for mexican and eats what ever from our plates. DH has a combination meal I was soo in heaven over mine I didn't even pay attention to his food. The salsa wasn't hot either for me, I could have just turned it up. DH on the other hand wants the hottest stuff they have in the house. We will definately return...they even had live musicans playing. Prices were reasonable too.

Today, Shel & I went shopping. DH kept the fort down. What better thing to do on a Saturday with your daughter. I found a cute pair of shorts. She saw the easter bunny on the way home we stopped to get her lunch. She hasn't had her nap today but she is still in a great mood. The girls got a package today in the mail one of the items in it was Playdoh, she hasn't put it down since she got it out of the box. She loves playdoh.

Hailey is enjoying her sleep today. She has been staying up alot more in the evenings and sleeps wonderfully at night. That calls for a rested mommy.

My hair dryer decide it was time to kick the bucket. Its about 6 yrs old, wow that seems like forever time to shop for a new one now.

Shel & DH have been playing and he tends to aggravate her so much...if he gets to playing too rough with her. So it ends up in her hollering for me to rescue her. It annoys me. I know they are playing but he gets her all ralled up then gets me involved. So I have gotten on to both of them. DH's human play toy, poor Hailey what she gets to look forward too. Hopefully, my children will calm down and play nice.

Tomorrow, I need to run to the commissary...I need to make a list. Tomorrow is the last day for the carnival in town so we will finish the afternoon with that.

I am ready for dh to start school. I am can't wait to know where we are going next.