Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I have been in the best mood about cooking. Having a nice break has helped so much while we were in Georgia I only cooked ONCE. We either ate our or ate at someones house another words, I got spoiled.

Lil girl has been cooing and smiling alot lately and of course when I go to catch it on video she stops. She has been sleeping alot today. I am so suprised how different it has been from going from 1 to 2 kids...I am no where near as tired as I was when Shel was this little. Breastfeeding is so much easier I guess that is what happens when you already know what u are doing and the baby cooperates.

DH should start school in a couple weeks I guess. I am ready for him to start he won't be in this next class that starts but the following. He picked night shift I am so used to him being home at night it might be weird for a couple days. WOOT, I don't have to share the TV nor here him whine about my reality shows...haha. Lunch time will be come our dinner time and dinner time our lunch, works for me.

I have been watching the news why too much lately. The world seems so messed up I really hate to see what our kids have to deal with when they get older.

It's DD's BEDTIME...Ice cream time for me!!