Monday, April 03, 2006

and here is more

I have some really nice neighbors downstairs they are a retired couple. Everytime we go down they are outside playing board games. They have a little dog that Shel can't resist on petting. Our other 3 close neighbors are military..the next building over is military, retired couples & a police. I feel safe here, all u see is military uniforms around here so I feel like I am on post, kinda weird.

So I told my neighbors about the townhouse we were offered and they are coming up on there new lease so they went and checked it out. They didn't like them compared to here. After hearing what they didn't like about it I am happy that we are here. I don't feel bad now.

Shel & I went shopping, gosh I miss my shopping pal. DH is a sucky shopper..u don't have to buy anything just go to look window shop get outta the house. He didn't wanna go so I left him here to tend to Hailey..she was sleeping. Shel is really good about shopping thank goodness. We hit 4 stores yesterday. One store we went into was a store that gets clothes from factory and sells them. They have Walmart clothing there with the Walmart tags on them an outfit for Hailey..super cute Walmart price tag 9.97 there price 3.99, can't beat that!! I left it on the rack, THEY DON'T NEED CLOTHES or TOYS!! My MIL can vouch for that..she unpacked it!!

We have been getting the Tucson newspaper on Sunday mornings, the previous residents must have subscribed or something. That paper is huge and is LOADED with sales papers & COUPONS!! I love to save money!! I picked up milk yesterday $1.99 all of it whole, 2%, 1%...Gallon sized, was the same price I couldn't believe my eyes.

This weekend they have a festival here we are gonna take dd and I think we will prolly hit the concert on post..they have a couple country singers that are going to be here.

Ok off to being productive!!


manda said...

your shopping pal misses you too big time!!!! wish ya'll were closer hope you are by the end of the yr!!!!!