Tuesday, March 28, 2006


its been 5 weeks since I have written. So much has happened since then.

DH left 3 weeks ago for LA to pick up our car and he drove over to AZ. He found housing and got all processed in here. I hung out in GA for a couple weeks until he could get housing. I took my mom back to SC and I was able to see her apartment and I saw the house they are buying.

I flew out with the girls and my MIL to AZ a week ago today. We got the house unpacked in 2 days. Thank goodness she came with us the flight was horrible and not because of the kids the airline SUCKED!! She flew back home today.

DH's school was gonna start a mth after he got here..we just found out it will be longer more like the end of April/Mayish before they start. It will be nice for him to be home while he is waiting on the schooling to start but I'll be ready for him to have a schedule again.

The kiddos are doing good...Shel is on a schedule again. It's so much better than being all outta wack on schedules.

I like our lil place we have, its not small and not big. We have two bathrooms and a walk in closet...which I am not used too. Our balcony is 9X12 another room so we laid our extra area rugs outside in that area so dd can go out there and play with out having to put her shoes on all the time. That area is gated with cement not railings, which is nice. There is a full length screen door with a glass that slides to have the screen open & big open windows. They have a pool, spa, gym and play area. Washer and dryers are also in the unit so that was a big plus for us.

Two days after I got here they called me about the townhouse, I really wanted it soo bad. Leases suck..but I guess it just wasn't ment to be.

DH has been to Tucson a couple of times since being here...I went and the drive is very easy. We had dinner at Olive Garden and hit Sam's club while we were there. I am sure we will go quiet often.

I'll write more later.