Saturday, February 25, 2006


Well, we are home. Actually we have been home since Tuesday. I had lil miss Hailey Danielle on Monday at 1318 at SGMC.

A little about our great event. I was nervous of induction since I have heard it could be harder than normal labor. I got there at 4am its was about 5:30am before they even got my IV and pitocin started. I was 1cm dilated before they started the pitocin. My midwife broke my water at 7:30am and I was already 3cm before the water was broken. With each contraction I could feel the water wasn't like I expected a big gush of fluid, I could only feel it when I had the contractions. They cranked up the pitocin slowly. I stayed at 3cm for what seemed to be forever. I got demerol at 6cm...I don't recall much since that made me loopy. I could still feel the contractions tho. With Shelby I had stadol and I didn't feel any contractions but these contractions with Hailey weren't bad just focus and breath. I got to 8cm and then the next thing I feel is pressure...dh told them and they were in there getting everything set up. I was ready to go. I was better at pushing with this one since I had the previous experience so it didn't take as long. I pushed for 45 mins, I was pushing and she was almost out but just wasn't coming she came out face up instead of face down which made it more difficult. The midwife said, if she doesn't come with this next push then I am gonna have to cut me...well guess what that was all I had to hear and she was out on the next push. I did tear 1st degree definately MUCH better than with Shelby.

I am proud of myself that I was able to do it with out an epidural as planned since it was an induction. I didn't get cut & my biggest fear of having a c-section. She is an angel..having a baby is so amazing. You totally forget about all the mess you deal with in the pregnancy and the process of labor. DH wants a 3rd baby...he wants a boy so bad.

Hailey was 6lbs 13 ozs, 18 3/4 in long. She is breastfeeding pretty good alto this time around with breastfeeding its MUCH easier since I know what I am doing. Her tummy just needs to grow a little since I am producing so much more milk with #2 than I did with #1. I have had to pump every morning since my milk came in...I have a great stock pile of milk already. Her tummy just can't take all the milk at each feeding. Her dr did an ultrasound on her to check for the cyst that was showing up on the first ultrasound that we had in Hawaii. He is requesting a copy of those ultrasound photo's to compare but I am not to worry. She lost 2 lbs while in the hospital (which is a normal thing) and then we went back Thursday for them to check her weight she was 6.6 then and also for jaundice..she is at a low risk. Last night we took her back to the hospital since she seemed to be getting sick yellow to green nasal drainage..but she is ok he said its normal. The scale was showing 7.2 but she had her clothes on and it was a different scale I think it was off but I do think she is gaining like she should be now.

I am feeling pretty good..yesterday was the first day I didn't feel sore and felt almost normal again. I can get in dh's truck, which my folks were rather suprised that a could do it being pregnant. If u have seen the truck u would understand why they say that. It sits on 33 inch tires and also has a lift kit in it sits pretty high off the ground. I up to the base yesterday to get Hailey in DEERS and have her added with Tricare while I was out I got Hailey some clothes that actually fit her the 0-3 mths stuff was swallowing her so I picked up premiee and they fit perfectly.

DH will be leaving soon to get our car and head to AZ. I am gonna head over once we have a place to stay. No word yet on our HHG but hopefully it will be there soon. I am ready to have my car and my belongings back. The weather here SUCKS...mid week it was really nice, today it was rainy and its supposed to be getting cold again like below freezing reason to miss Hawaii. I love cold weather but not with it changing daily it will really mess your body up.

BBL got a baby to tend too.