Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It's moving day....the movers should be here within a hr or two. We are as ready as we are gonna be. I hope today goes by quickly. DD is going to a friends house to play with her son so she won't be in the movers way. I donno what DH's plans are as far as finishing up with outprocessing paperwork. On of my friends is gonna come and deliver the pizzas for the guys for lunch & come visit for a lil bit...I am already looking forward to lunch FOOD!

I am not sure when our internet stuff is going to be turned back in so I might not be back to update for a bit..

hopefully if all so goes as planned....movers will finish today, clean and clear housing on thursday, ship car on friday and fly outta here.

This has been one hectic move especially with the damn paper work that had to get done all the running around for dh to get cleared. Being pregnant didn't help the situation since my dr wanted us outta here on a specific date & for him to fly with me..but thankfully the commander knows whats going on and we will get outta here as planned.

My dr gave me every piece of paper they had on me just in case something were to happen while traveling. She advised me to be LAZY for at least 2 days after the flight....she said I could swell up and if I don't take the time to be lazy then..the remainder of pregnancy will thats what I plan on doing. Being LAZY all day Sunday & Monday!! My only priority is to go to the tricare office on base there and get my Tricare changed over. I am happy that all my meds will still be free since my prescriptions will change over & I can pick them up on base...

I hope this baby will give me two weeks of R&R then she can come.

see ya!