Tuesday, January 31, 2006


What a productive day..

I got up at 3AM due to all those sneezes that won't go away!! Got our plane tickets paid for..went back to bed. DH left for work, me and munchkin got our breakfast...I jumped in the shower. A lady came and picked up the left over cat stuff that I had...moving company came to look at our stuff...housing called to reschedule, that made one less trip for the day. Ate lunch, I had a drs appt, which I ended up leaving 2 HRS later...at least I got alot accomplished. I got home..more stuff was picked up while I was gone and dh headed back to work. I was tired when I got home...so I relaxed a little. I got rid of a bunch of dd toys in the afternoon & dropped off stuff with my neighbor...she gave the baby some cute clothes. She came over to help me catch the fish in the fish tank. They are now in a HUGE tank, I am sure they are happy. They brought some pizza over for us, I love nice neighbors.

My dr gave me PLENTY of medicine and refills to not have to deal with getting then written again. Goodbye allergies, thank goodness I will have some relief now.

That was my day.