Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Day

Got up had breakfast....woke dh and dd dd ready to go play at a friend house. DH ate his breakfast. I took DD to play. Movers showed up...I was suprised to see one person..wasn't a good sign at getting everything done boy was I shocked. He has the house packed in 6 hrs including a lunch break. He did some serious packing. They have an estimate weight for us at 6800 lbs...I wonder how accurate that is...I am sure we will be under our limit tho. My friend came for dd's car seat so they could all go to the commissary...brave women I tell ya. She said both kids were great. Another girlfriend picked up pizzas for us, saved us a trip and I was able to dish my left over food to her....haha I am sure her cupboards are over flowing now. Some girls came and picked up our AC's and dd's playdoh table.

Trash ran today which kinda sucks, housing wants the trash can cleaned and put away prior to leaving so now we gotta leave it in our neighbors....I understand why they do this but it would really suck if u had alotta stuff to throw out, thankfully we don't.

The movers should be here early and we are supposed to have 3 guys tomorrow. I hope they get us outta here quick so I can finish up cleaning and we can clear housing as planned, one less thing to do.

We have our hotel for one night we are going out with friends for our last two nights of dinner. It will be an enjoyable time.

Goodbye Hawaii!!!


Amanda said...

Girl were you ever right my cabinets would hardly shut after all that food from your pantry! lol i can't believe you guys leave today! we had fun eatin & talking with ya'll last night. I'm gonna miss hanging out & shopping with you so much!!! And the us all getting together for trips around the island, or to the sealife park or to eat out ect. I'm going to miss shelby & so will kevin. I wish we were gonna be close enough to see the new baby girl grow up! We will definitley visit. Crossing my fingers yall are still in GA when we get to LA so we can see the baby! lol Have a safe flight & keep in touch i luv ya!