Friday, February 17, 2006

once again

I can't sleep!! It's 3am...I am trying to make myself tired by sitting at this computer screen.

We got up this am..took dd to my MIL's house while I went for my drs appt. Got to my drs appt saw the midwife this time...she set me up for an induction. Talk about reality setting in. Holy crap we are gonna have a baby!! So she called the hospital to make sure they could put me on the schedule....Monday we are gonna have a baby. It's really odd that u can plan on a day to have your baby. I just HOPE & PRAY that this doesn't end up in a failure to progress ending in a c-section. Hopefully, she will be here by mid afternoon monday. I am hoping for no epidural, IV meds only and no episiotomy. This birth and Shel's birth will be two births to compare...right now I feel like this one will be more postives than negatives...lets hope thats the case.

She gave me antibotics for all this mess I got going on...i hope it freaking works cuz I am tired of feeling like CRAP!!

DD spend the day at my MIL's they went shopping...she got a tea set & table n chairs. They were having a tea party when we got to her house. Very cute.

The afternoon we took her to my other MIL's house and she had dinner and went to see one of DH's sisters sing...and spent the night over there.

We all went out for the was fun. If u could have seen my bro and DH in walmart, two big kids I tell ya.

I guess I'll attempt going to sleep again!!


manda said...

Don't forget to have josh or someone call when the baby gets here!!!! i wanna mark her b day on the calendar!! lol speaking of wich i need all u guys b days. I cant wait to find out her name!The blog is a good way to stay in touch easily while you dont have your own home or home phone yet! lol