Saturday, February 18, 2006


a little anxious, nervous and excited all into one...tomorrow will be our last full day of being a family of 3. Tonight will be my last full night of sleep if I can get that.

Today was Savannah's birthday party. Dh was gonna go work with his dad today but the alarm clock on his phone didn't go off cuz the phone died. I wish he would have gone just to get away for the day. So we got breakfast and showers done...headed out to get a present and for dh to get a hair cut. They were having a remote at a childrens clothing store and they were on the radio talking about a $50 gift certificate, 2 passes to Wild Adventures...which is a theme park here in town, and a Keith Urban cd...that would all go to the next customer that walked in the store and mentioned it they heard it on the radio. So we were like 2 blocks away...dh asked if I wanted to go over there and I said sure. Well, guess what..I got it...WOOT!!! Free MONEY!!

Now we can go to Wild Adventures for free..we had planned on going but going for free is even better. Hopefully we can catch a concert before dh leaves.

I got alot to get done tomorrow..its gonna be all about getting the last minute stuff done for the baby. I gotta sterilize bottles..not really a priority since I will be breastfeeding but I want dd to be able to feed her. Clothes need to be washed for her. I need to organize our room. I hope that I can get to sleep early so I can try and get as much sleep as possible before going to the hospital. I can't eat anything after midnight. I hope we have a baby by mid afternoon.

Ill try and update again, if not then it will be mid week at the earliest that I can get on here and update.


manda said...

omg i can't believe you guys one that lucky ducks!!!!!! we went to the swap meet yesterday & got all your stuff!!! :) we'll bring the breastfeeding cover to you when we get to visit you guys & the new baby!!!!!!! Good luck get rest! we luv yall!