Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good day

I had a good day today. I gave dh is V-day present and my MIL delivered mine since dh couldn't ever sneak it outta the house without me seeing it. I big ol box of personalized M&M's, they are soo cute I don't wanna eat them tho.

We went to check out an ad that dh saw advertised today for land & a pond. So we head down to check it out...its a nice piece of land but its not for a house more like a trailor type of living. If the pond wasn't so funky shaped and gave more yard it would have worked nicely. Here is what it looked like 5 acres. We went to the realtor to get the blueprints on it to check out the actual land markers...part of the wooded area is included but not enough woods to make a enough difference. The search continues.

We went out to eat tonight to an Italian resturant with my FIL & MIL...dh told me we were going to Outback...and ended up tricking me. It was delicious & a great mood setter by candle light...I had Spaghetti al a brutizzi...with minestrone soup, bread..tea & a black and white cheese cake for dessert. I was FULL by the time I got home brought the left overs home..they will be good tomorrow. DD ate for free, 5 & under eat free...more places should do that. She enjoyed dipping her bread in dh's soup juice.

I want to go back there again before dh leaves.

My car is at the LA port...glad it got there safely!! That was quick too.

I wish I could get some decent sleep at night...its 4am. I should be sleeping!!


manda said...

4 am u better take your tail to bed woman! the lake was pretty. Guess what yall better make time to see us for a day on the 25th we are hitting florida for leave!!! I miss ya girl cant wait to see the new angel when she arrives.