Sunday, February 12, 2006

Still alive

Yep, we are alive. So to catch up on a week of being it goes.

Our movers arrived on Thursday to load up the truck...they got it outta there quick. They put boxes on top of the staircase and slide everything down vs carrying it all down the steps. It was fun to watch. They had everything stacked up in the yard and then loaded it onto the truck. We were short one crate which make them sit and wait for 2 hrs for the truck to show up. We were already cleared outta housing before they got that all loaded up.

The housing inspection was easy and of course I stressed about it alot even tho dh said to stop worrying.

DD stayed over at our neighbors house all day and I went over after they cleared us cuz it was rainy outside. After the second moving truck arrived and loaded everything up...we left. It was strange but I didn't cry suprisingly. I guess I was just happy it was all over with. DD never went back into the empty house. It makes me wonder what is going on in her little head since we haven't been back...doesn't seem to bother her since she is on the go non stop here.

So we went and checked into the hotel and dh had enough time to go knock out the TLA part with housing that afternoon so it would be one less thing to deal with. We went to a friends house for dinner and back to the hotel for bed, we were all exhausted.

DD got sick in the middle of the night...I thought she was trying to get up at 3am so I told her to lay back down and she started bawling and pointing at her pillow. So her and I were up at 3 giving her a bath...thankfully she went back to sleep after the bath. I of course couldn't go back to sleep. DH got up and finish everything for clearing by 11 then we checked outta our hotel. Drove to wash and vaccum the car one last time. Took it to Matson, waited FOREVER....mainly because the gas wasn't at the 1/4 mark it was just a LITTLE above it. We headed back to pick up a LATE lunch and to walmart for stuff for our flight and then crashed at our friends house for a nap before our flight.

We got to the airport about 2 hrs prior...dd watched a movie and ran around to kill some energy. We went from HNL to LAX...dd slept except the first hour...she got up as we were landing...we changed planes went from LAX or ORD...again she slept all but and hr of that flight too. Changed from ORD to JAX...she was awake most of that flight...the last 45 mins of it she slept. She has a window seat on that flight so she was able to see outta the window. We left HNL Friday evening at 9pm and got into JAX Saturday at 5pm. It was a LONG day. I flew on the last day my dr wanted me she said I would swell up. I have NEVER been swollen before and just from that flight I wouldn't want to be that way again. Miserable I tell ya!!! It was just in my hands and legs, feet. I couldn't even wear my shoes. The skin around my ankle hurt since there was no extra skin for walking comfortably. So I did as my dr said be lazy for 2 days after getting home. It took 2 days for my feet to go back to normal. The first day I was home I was sick...nausea, vomiting..NOT FUN. I was almost ready to go the ER cuz I couldn't keep anything down. The second day I was just tired so I was lazy that day also but at least I wasn't throwing up. I think it was a bug I got from the plane. DH was sick the third day of being here. DD has just had the runny nose, sneezing mess which isn't clearing up easily, prolly weather change for her.

The first week was all about running around. I got our Tricare changed over, I have my referrals for my OB visits & hosptial stay already done. I saw my dr this week he will induce me if it gets close to dh leaving for AZ. My cervix was still closed so I hope to make some sort of progress soon!! I am ready to be unpreggo. We have seen the majority of our family. My mom comes this weekend and she will be staying for about a month.

My car should be in LAX mid mth, if not this week & our household goods will be in AZ mid mth, March. Perfect timing!!

DD spend the day with my SIL...they came in from Savannah. They took her to Target for Valentine's Day shopping...Chick-fil-a for lunch and to play on the playground & to see Curious George. She had fun they spoiled the crap outta here. DH and I had a busy day..we went to Target the mall, Sams. I picked up a box of newborn all is starting to seem real now. I need to pack a hosptial bag. I found a nursing cami top at Target its comfy.

We want to buy land, build a house. I found a house that I REALLY like alot altho I would change the floor plan a little. DH is now talking about buying a house and renting it then buy land and build later. I wish we would have bought land a couple yrs ago, if we wait much longer land will be hard to get at a decent price here. Tomorrow we are gonna go look at some places he has found.