Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yesterday, I felt like crap...this freaking weather sucks. Just shows how I am not used to cold weather and neither is my body. DD still has this runny nose mess..nothing is kicking it. It was in the 20's last night and today its supposed to be in the 60's, warmer that it has been. I haven't missed Hawaii really like I thought I would. I do miss the consistant weather compared to this mess GA has going on. I have missed my belongings...my tv with DVR, my bed, my kitchen....my car..I love dh's truck but not being 9 mths preggo my car is much more comfortable.

We didn't do much yesterday no energy. Altho we did find some places that are new subdivisions for a new house. We saw ads for 2 different lots with 5 & 10 acres of land but of course one was already sold and the other that I REALLY wanted to check out was taken off the market. DH wants to go today and see about a lot in a new subdivision that we found yesterday...no TWO houses in this area are the same...the lots are a decent size they have two lots that haven't been cleared yet dh wants two lots vs one...more land and one house.

The joys of real estate shopping...its only gonna get worse in yrs to come.

Last night we hit, Rodeo which is a mexican resturant with dh's folks it was yummy. DD fell asleep in her grand dad's lap. He has been working crazy lately so he hasn't seen dd much.

I know dh won't read this at least I don't think he will...but for V-day I am sending him for an hour massage, its today too. He deserves it from all this movin mess. Not sure what we are doing this evening.

Tomorrow we have dinner with the extended family & my MIL's birthday..I have a drs appt the next day..My mom & dad will be here Friday...my niece has a birthday party this weekend here at the house. Hopefully the baby will decide to come after that. I have appts weekly now, I hope he will go ahead and see if the can get labor started naturally before we opted for meds for induction. My mom will be staying here for the mth, she is gonna be on cloud 9 with each passing day this week.

Hope yall have a great V-Day!