Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Rave & A Rant

My lil angel, I am SO proud of her!! Last night, munchkin head was in the tub..one of my friends needed me so I went to help out. So I got home LATE...both dh & dd were both in bed. So I didn't know how the rest of the night played out. Well, dh had let her go to bed in her big girl panties. As soon as he told me that I knew what my first chore of the day would be to get her bedding washed. Suprise suprise, she was DRY & had gotten up and went potty in her chair, then back to bed. I am SOOOOO proud of that little girl. Granted it might not happen again tonight or for a couple days in a row but its one step closer to being done done done with pull-ups. My goal as to get her outta pull-ups before baby #2 got here and FINALLY we are making great progress. There were other times when I thought she was doing good then we had set backs, big upset but today is a day to be celebrating!! I have high hopes, I hope they stay that way.

on another note,

Freaking Walmart.com, ugh I have been so annoyed with them. Between them not answering emails to me calling. I reported them to the BBB last week. I had an email this am in my inbox and I called them my order is on the way...I have been waiting forever considering they gave me a deliver date in mid December. No where on there site does it show shipping to Hawaii can take up to 6 freakin weeks. Anyway I am still waiting to hear on what they report back to the BBB with but my records do show with Walmart.com that I did report there asses to the BBB. The guy I talked to today was decent to deal with and I am not the only one having this same issue. My package better be here by next week the 6 week mark or Ill be raising more cane. He is sending out a gift card to me for all this mess but if I don't have my stuff by next week...I will be raising cane again & getting my acct credited. On another note I found out that ALL packages go this way to Hawaii from them. One of my friends had this happen to her back in November but I thought it was a one time deal cuz her stuff was personlized. I am eager to see they handle it with the BBB I should here back from them next week they have 10 working days to report back to the BBB.

Off to being productive...