Sunday, January 08, 2006

go to work

Yes, I am ready to get back to a regular schedule..I am not productive when our schedules are all wacked out. It feels like dh has been off for 3 weeks...they have given them crazy schedules and I am ready for it to be back to normal. No, I am not complaining about the free time off...I need motivation...if he goes to work I am motivated to work also.

What I have the hall closet!! It has 4 shelves I made LOTS of room in there. I started going thru out papers that need to be shredded from out files the shredder has been going non-stop today. The file is lighter now but I need to put recent stuff in there now and get dh to go thru all the military paperwork and throw out whatever he doesn't need anymore.

We need to go thru laundry room, my closet, dd's toys & storage room. I will feel much better once we go thru it all and think about how much weight we no longer have. I wonder how much weight we do have, I can't remember what it was when we moved here. Maybe it will even out with the stuff we had and sold and stuff we got and will take.

We went out to dinner last night with some friends it was a nice evening out, dessert was AWESOME..I could eat another piece right now..dd is such a flirt. She is goes straight for men. I think its cuz she knows they will play rough with her. We watched some of her home videos yesterday. Another thing that I wanna accomplish before we leave, is putting all her video on a DVD & start using the video camera more often.

I got the application for the townhouse yesterday and guess what the paper I wrote all the specifics down on must have been thrown away...grrrr. I gotta call them tomorrow. I HOPE we can get into one.

Our neighbors fly back today from Peru, they had a nice LONG vacation.

I gotta get back to shredding, munchkin is eatting a popsicle, dh is playing conflict online with my brother joy joy.