Thursday, January 12, 2006

my baby

she is so entertaining. She woke up DRY again them morning!! Oh please oh please keep on track lil girl. So today she goes potty on the chair and she is in there sticking her butt out saying "nice butt". I said, "what did u say" she said, "i gotta nice butt" WTF she is only 2 1/2. I guess thats what happens when they learn to start talking then talking in sentences. Dh came home and she said it to him, u should have seen his face. Wait til the family hears this. They are gonna be floored when they hear her in person talking and can actually understand her. I can't wait for her to tell my dad, "thats ridiculous".

She won't let dh leave the house without giving me a kiss and a hug. Today he didn't do the hug and before he could get to the door she was hollaring that mommie needed a hug. Then he came home for lunch and she made him give me a kiss and a hug first. He will not give me a hug or kiss or both on purpose to get her all ralled up. He will say ok, then command to her orders...its soo funny!! That little girl is watching out for her momma!!

I love her to pieces!! My little miss personality..she will keep ya laughing thats for sure, she gets that from her daddy.