Friday, January 13, 2006


We are making some progress on leaving here. DH came home with good I hope the appts can be made ASAP. So we can start getting outta here. I sent out our application for the townhouse earlier this week. I am hoping some folks decide not to wait and allow us to get in. There are only 4 townhouses and she said there were more delays so tenents waiting might just find something else, I hope so cuz that means we have a good chance. I would LOVE to have a brand new place. Its near the shopping area, plenty of room for us 3bd 2 bath 1121 sq ft...and we would bank money off our allowance. The lady has a friend stationed here small world I tell ya.

Munchkin had an accident last night...a little upsetting. She woke up crying I knew thats what was wrong..mommie I am wet! Poor thing, it was 5:30am so we both got up early..DH threw her bedding in the washer...she watched tv winnie the pooh and ended up crashing back on the couch so did I.

I have gone thru all her I just need to get them outta here. I need to go thru the clothes and organize the sizes. This weekend its the storage closet, thats gonna be a major task. Hopefully we can get the laundry room & our closet done too. Then we will be done!!

DH has a 4 day weekend minus some time that he has to go in tomorrow. DD is gonna go to work with him since I have an appt. I am sure she will enjoy running around all the guys. I need to get a box mailed and pick up cookies while I am out in the am.

Good Nite!!