Saturday, January 14, 2006

my day

We got up and outta the house by 8:30. I dropped dh & dd off at work. I went to my appt hoping to not be late I wasn't tho. She has me increasing my iron to 3 a day & added folic acid, joy joy. I wish I would have asked her to redo my blood work to see if its gotten better. I am not longer drinking tea its been about a mth since I have had a glass. She also said to be at my final destination at 36 weeks, not sure if thats gonna happen if so its gonna be close. I scheduled my next appt today with her.

So I left the dr and headed to pick up girl scout cookies, yum dangerous I tell ya. I shouldn't have gotten so many. I need to make a shake or something that will make them disappear quicker. I went to pick up dh & dd and they guys are all out in yard playing. They were working really hard I tell ya. We left and headed to the post office to mail out a box & then to BK for lunch. We got home and dh crashed on the couch for a nap.

We watched 40 yr old virgin while dd took a nap it was a good movie. I have been tired during the day but at night I can't sleep and haven't had much of an appetite. I am ready to have this lil girl!!

Another thing, I requested information on apartments in AZ...well guess what I have gotten all real estate agent sending me booklets, business cards & letters. Sorry folks but I don't wanna by a house in AZ.

Have u seen the new 07 Camry Hybrid, I WANT ONE!! I have been waiting for them to unveil it and they did this week. I haven't seen a price yet but I bet they will be HOT sellers. I wanna go sit in one and go for a test drive haha.