Saturday, December 03, 2005

were did it go

this week sure has flown by.

Yesterday we had our unit christmas party to go to. They did it early which was nice the kiddos enjoyed santa. Shel was sitting on my lap when he came outta the restrooms and she we straight over to him as he was walking across the park it was funny. DH saw her taking off and met up with her scooped her up and gave her a lil pep talk. It was cute and she sat on his lap for what seemed forever but they were waiting on the toys to get there for him to pass out so she sat a while on his lap. I forgot my camera but thank goodness a friend was able to get a few pics of her. She held on tight to her bag of goodies after she got it from Santa...she didn't wanna put it down.

We went shopping afterwards, I just wanted one thing and we end up walking out with more. I have been letting dd walk beside the buggy/pushing it or holding our hand going up and down the isles she is getting really good...if she doesn't listen she goes straight into the buggy. Yesterday while we are shopping she is holding my hand...we pass the rack of childs movies with all the characters plastered on the cover. She says, I wanna we go over to look...dh goes on and looks at his stuff...about 2 minutes goes by I told her lets go find daddy....she said one second i still looking.....haha thats outta a mouth of a 2 yr I said ok. I give her another minute and we leave. I love lil moments like this its soo cute.

She said in the car she wants a game for Christmas...we tried to ask her what kind of game but she would just say Shelby's Game.

Today is parade day!!