Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday already

My goodness the weekend flew by what did we do let see if I can rewind a little

Saturday, DD & I got up and headed to the Mililani parade..dh slept in. We went shopping afterwards we didn't get home until the afternoon which was nice. Dh was watching the GA vs LSU game..see we didn't miss much. We rested until the game was over and headed down to Waikiki for the Christmas Parade. It was nice..considering we left here a little after 5 and got there with traffic, but it wasn't horrible..found a parking spot walked a block and found us a place to enjoy the parade. We were closer to the end of the parade route cuz we got there later than planned but it started about 10 minutes after we got there perfect timing. We hit Walmart while we were down there since I haven't checked that location out. It interesting to see the difference in the stores.

Sunday, it was pretty quiet and we meet up with some friends later in the day also had dinner with them. I picked up some more christmas items for dd while we were out.

Today, I got up at 5:30am when the doorbell rang..thats WAY early for me...dd lets me sleep in so I take full advantage of it. I am since I had to get up early I made cinnamon muffins jumbo size they were warm and waiting on dh when he got home. I have the laundry done and mopped the kitchen, I hate mopping. The kiddos have been playing all morning we all had lunch and now they are crashed out taking a nap. I need to run to a friends house this evening and then to the store...back home to rest and need to go to bed early enough so I can get up and do it all over tomorrow.