Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Time is just flying by...thats what happens when u are staying busy.

I hit all the sales this weekend....Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I got some shopping done for dd and dh and our family. DD helped me wrap up dh's gifts, the had to be done before he discovered them. I need to finish up all the guys in the family they are soo hard to buy for but all the girls are done. I need to get it done, wrap everything up ASAP so I can get it all mailed out. Then finish up dd and I will be done.

The house is pretty much decorated I just haven't found a home for some of the stuff so I might not put it out...dh decorated munchkins room while I was gone she was so excited to show me when I got home it was cute.

I have babysat all week its been nice. DD loves having lil kids to play with and they play so well together. They run up the stairs and in the door and head straight for dd's are soo funny. I can't wait to see how dd reacts to having a sister..she is gonna be a big helper.

DH has been having a sweet tooth so I made a cake but didn't have icing so I attempted to make it from scratch well I accomplished that mission and I don't think I will ever go back to buying icing in containers. It was light and fluffy and dh liked it better than the regular container crap. So the cake was cinnamon swirl, with vanilla icing and I sprinkled cinnamon on top to jazz it up a little bit. The CAKE was AWESOME. Usually I do one for us and sent the other with DH to work but it was way yummy and it will get eatten.

We are doing our christmas pictures this weekend, I gotta get those mailed out.

Monday..we grilled steaks they were to die for the best steaks ever with oven roasted pototoes they are better than mashed potatoes and dh loves mashed potatoes he said I need to share that recipe with my mom cuz she will love it, but I keep forgetting.

Tuesday..I made baked penne pasta, it was yummy

Not sure what we are doing tonight, I would like steak again it was that good.

Adios, I got things to do..