Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well, I we got up and out was a nice enjoyable day.

We hit the swap meet spent 2 hrs there that was the longest we have stayed there usually it only takes an hour maybe a little longer to go all the way around and look. It was really nice when were first got there then it got hotter, thats the only downfall. It would be awesome if it was indoors. I got everything I wanted to pick up and I found some stuff I wanna go back and get just for us, since we haven't really bought "hawaiian" things for ourselves.

Next we stopped for lunch McDonalds...we went in and ate which was nice cuz we usually always go thru the drive thru.

Kmart was our next stop...I picked up 2 more gifts for of them, was the last on the shelf and I think someone was trying to hide it cuz I had to dig to find it myself. Thank goodness I got my hands on it. (Note to others when trying to hide items to come back and get u gotta move them into a different section like the towels and u need to hide it behind the stacks of towels so the employees don't pick it up and put it back in the proper area)

Then we went to Old Navy...then home..I sure did my share of walking & shopping today. DD did really good considering we didn't take the stroller, to the swap meet. She got tired from the heat at the end but she walked and we carried her when she got tired. We got home and I hid her presents...she got a toy frog that swims in the tub & crawls on the floor, she went straight to the tub once we got home to try out her frog. So thats the toy of the day!!

I got the house picked up and cleaned before DH got its time to relax and get the hamburgers going for dinner.

Tomorrow we are headed out for another day of shopping.

DH got part of his physicals done today.