Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I actually slept in today..I made myself. Got up did my usual routine...watched my dvr'ed morning shows then went down for munchkin to play with the kiddos. It was a nice day...not HOT and not cold...the sun was out but there was a chill in the air. After they played there hearts out we came in had lunch the kiddos napped and then we went to a neighbors house for munchkin to play was all about playing. It was nice and enjoyable.

We are going shopping in the morning...munchkin me and a friend (note to self, dont forget teh car seat!!)...we both need gifts and she is flying home soon so she needs to get it done and it gets my butt in gear to finish up my's swap meet day so we gotta get there early before it gets hotter then heck, hopefully I can find the coconut purses for the girls....I need to hit Toyrus and Kmart too. Then my neighor asked if I wanted to go out LATE LATE for some deals later this week so I said sure why beats shopping alone in the dark haha.

This mth is flying by its kinda sad Christmas will be over before we know it. I gotta use up all our coupons that need to be used by the 31st so they don't go to out Wendys & McD's!!

I cooked early dinner tonight...dh can't eat for the next 12 to be him haha...I should go eat a big bowl of ice cream in his face...(insert evil face here)