Monday, December 19, 2005


Am I the only one that sad that Christmas is gonna be here and over before u know it? I want it to last forever!! I can't wait for Christmas eve & morning..I am gonna take a million pictures & videos. I am sure we will have the web cam running for the family to watch. DD is gonna be way excited.

DH got all the packages mailed out this morning..not sure if they will make it on time but I am crossing my fingers that they do. We picked up last minute stuff last night to get these mailed out. I got dh's gift too had to get it before they sold out. Then he tried to tell me he knew what it was...and kept saying u shouldn't have left the site up on the computer...I was like whatever dude...he really doesn't know what it is, he better like it.

My dad on the other hand his gift has been a PAIN IN THE ARSE to find. Everywhere is sold out and the store clerks are a pain in the butt to talk to over the phone. Anyway, I finally got a good person on the phone today to deal with. Mission accomplished, I hope he likes his gift.

DD has been talking to herself this is what she is saying "Christmas is coming to town" haha so cute. The answering machine says, (me asking her) "Shelby what does Santa say?" and she replys, Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas Everybody. I LOVE this age. I don't want her to grow up. I am soo happy that we are all together this year for Christmas.

The stores were CRAZY this weekend, I felt weird all weekend...I have a drs appt this week and I gotta make my next ultrasound appt..woot woot more pictures I wonder what they are gonna say this time...will they make me go back again?? who knows. I sure have racked up on ultrasounds with this baby tho. Thanks goodness for insurance.