Wednesday, December 21, 2005

almost christmas

Yesterday dh finished up his physical stuff...and took my friends to the airport. I sat anxiously awaiting the package but got cards. He came home and we were lazy all day.

Today I had my drs appt and had to do my glucose test. Thank goodness the midwife called me yesterday cuz they won't let u leave the lab until u are done. My plan was to fit in my appt and my test during the same time..makes since right..well no that didn't happen. Do u know how boring it is to just sit and wait an hr in the lab. I wasn't alone tho..3 other girls were doing it at the same time. This time I got orange, SOOO much better than the cola. She drew my blood and I went to my appt. My midwife is transfering to Tripler she said she should be there by the time my due date comes around, if I deliver here. I was soo happy to hear that, I would LOVE for her to deliver the baby if I stay here...she is such a sweetheart. So she did the heartbeat and measured me I am measuring right at 29 weeks which is what I will be Friday. I gotta take iron pills now since my test came back anemic. Thats gotta be why I felt really weird this weekend...if it continues or gets worse then I gotta call her. Now, if I can remember to take the pills. She reviewed my ultrasound notes...I go back in a couple weeks. I have gained 19 lbs..compared to my weight with Shelby I am right on. Hopefully, my glucose test will come back fine.

Our pictures came back today..I picked them up. Lunch was ready when I got home..I ate then stuffed my envelopes and mailed them out. I am glad I already addressed them.

I am tried now, I need a nap...I HOPE dd's present gets here today....patiently waiting for the mailman. I wanna play with it, I hope she is napping when it gets here.

I got our maps ready for the showing dd christmas we just need to decide on a night to go and not forget the camera. I think tonight sounds good.

3 days til Christmas eeekkkkk